The Riverton Bowling Club was formed at a public meeting of 25 residents of Riverton at the residence of the Late W.J. Cole on 22 January, 1959.   The present localities of Rossmoyne, Parkwood and Shelley were all then known as Riverton.

The existing hall area of the Clubhouse, including the foyer, the front toilets and the kitchen, was erected in 1960/61 at a cost of £9,250. The improvements to the Club premises and surrounds have been continuous over the life of the Club. With the increase in the size of the club, the size of the bar the installment of a synthetic green just to name a few of the improvements.   Following the rezoning of Riverton to include the localities of Rossmoyne, Parkwood and Shelley, the name of the Club was changed to Riverton Rossmoyne Bowling Club.

Over the years our Club has been able to assist our neighbouring Clubs with the use of our greens and facilities.  We have also played host to many state and country events.  One highlight was in 1963 when Riverton Bowling Club was selected to host the English Lawn Bowling Team while it was playing in the Commonwealth Games that were held in Perth that year. Another highlight was in 1989 when the Australian Police Carnival was held here.

What the Club has achieved over the last 50 years to give us the magnificent premises and surrounds that we have today, can only be attributed to the hard voluntary work provided by its members both past and present.  Hopefully this hard work will continue into the future so the club keeps growing and improving.


The rear of the original club. The rear of the club as it was in 2012 – before the roof was built over ‘C’ green. Life Member and Past President Neville Lane (right) and the Late Bob Crain preparing to feed the players.

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